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Computer Repair - Residential and Small Business

Computer Repair & Support:

We support residential homes

Which includes computer repair for almost everything to do with your computer from virus removal to hardware upgrades from software installation to new computer installation including data transfer from your old computer to your new one. We are a Carbonite partner so we can backup your valuable pictures, documents and other data including your data being backed up continually.

We support small businesses

With the option of a Help Desk without the overhead. We provide support by blocked hours as well as on-call support, just call us when you need us. We also provide monthly billing for your business.

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SUPPORTING: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson

Counselor Computers provides computer repair in your home or business and now provide remote support as well!

Providing computer repair for the Las Vegas Valley. We can repair your computer from removing viruses and damage from viruses, provide security checkups, hardware replacement, system rebuilds, hard drive replacements and solid state drive (SSD) upgrades for performance enhancements. We are a Carbonite Partner so we can help you secure your valuable pictures, documents and music.  It’s never too late to backup, until it’s too late!

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  • Computer Repair

  • Virus Removal

  • Computer Checkups

  • Security Checkups

  • Wireless Setup and Security

  • Hardware Upgrades & Part Replacement

  • And so much more!

  • Hard Drives – Do you need more storage space?

  • SSD Drives – More Speed with a Solid State Drive (SSD). Breathe new life into that old (or new) computer. Take advantage of the new lower priced SSD drives.

  • Software & System Upgrades – Do you have the new Windows, or maybe you don’t want it?

  • Backups – If you loose your data today, will you recover today or be in business tomorrow?

  • Is at least one of your backup locations some place other than next to your computer? We recommend a off-site internet based backup with Carbonite, a safe, reliable, secure and cost effective solution!

  • Counselor Computers is a Carbonite Partner, a great place to store your offsite data!

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  • On-Call Help Desk

  • Scheduled Time Blocks

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